Goodbye 300lbs

by Dr. Mike Robie on September 21, 2013

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So it has been a while since a good update of what is going on. As a food addict the last several weeks have been hard. I tend to eat when emotions or stress get the best of me and the last two weeks have been a mixture of both. As some of you know I lost a good friend this past week to metastatic melanoma. (As a side note look at all your moles and if you are concerned about one see your doctor)

Though my weight loss has not been at such a fast pace I am still losing and hit 299 for the first time since before medical school. I still have not added exercise and have now lost over 25lbs. I am about 2/3 done with my ninety-day challenge where I had a goal of losing 20lbs. I continue to have more energy then before and feel great. My “Dunlap disease” is almost cured. For those of you not in the medical community that is where your stomach Dun layed on your lap.

I am already looking at my next 90-day challenge and think it will be an activity challenge. I am currently looking at purchasing a bike and think it may have something to do with that or I may train to run a 5K. My schedule is so crazy I am trying to think of creative ways to work in some exercise.

I am in the process of working on developing some weight loss programs for my medical practice. I want to offer several pathways because one program will not work for all. I have become a huge fan of the Visalus 90 day Challenge and will work that into the program for sure. I am also impressed with some of the data of the new weight loss medications but am not excited about the possible long-term results. If you don’t change your behaviors when you stop the pill or crash diet the weight will come back. Trust me I know from experience.

What I look for to finish in the next month is strong. I would love to lose another 10lbs before my first challenge is over. To do that I will stick to my two shakes a day or my shake and cereal combo. The cereal from Vi is amazing; if I don’t feel like a shake I just reach for a bowl of Vi crunch.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vi Challenge visit my website at or call us at Nitro Primary Care 304-755-4797 and make an appointment for a weight loss evaluation.


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